Krzysztof Charamsa, the Polish priest who was fired for coming out gay, says that the Roman Catholic Church is complicit in “anti-homosexual terror.”

“The Catholic Church is thrilled, it's satisfied with cases of persecution and criminalization, because criminalization of homosexuality in truth is a legal confirmation of its position on homosexuality. Up to the moment the church rejects and condemns the criminalization of homosexuality outright it will be complicit in anti-homosexual terror,” Charamsa told the AFP.

The 43-year-old Charamsa announced that he is gay and has a partner, Spaniard Eduardo Planas, on the day before Pope Francis opened the Synod of Bishops, a three-week assembly of bishops from around the world looking at issues facing Catholic families.

The Vatican called Charamsa's actions “irresponsible,” adding that he “will certainly be unable” to continue as a theologian at the Vatican.

Last month, a Polish bishop defrocked Charamsa, saying that he failed to abide by his vow of celibacy.

Charamsa, who now lives with his partner in Barcelona, added that the church “psychologically kills” people.

“The Catholic Church does not kill people, but I think it kills them psychologically. It kills them through its regressive positions,” Charamsa said.