Retired Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Donald Corbin said this week that the high court voted to strike down the state's ban on gay marriage but did not issue a ruling.

Corbin made his comments in an interview for an oral history of the court posted last month on the state court system's website.

He said that late last year justices voted 5-2 to uphold a lower court's ruling that knocked down the state's decade-old ban and a 1997 law prohibiting gay couples from marrying.

“I tried to encourage them to conference over the Christmas holidays,” Corbin said. “I had an opinion ready and I didn't think it was right for us to take a two-week vacation or a one-week vacation and not get that case out.”

Pulaski County Judge Chris Piazza's ruling striking down the ban led to 541 gay couples receiving marriage licenses in a handful of counties before the high court stepped in.

“It was a tough political issue, but legally it was a cakewalk,” Corbin said. “Anybody who knows anything about the law or had any training whatsoever as a constitutional lawyer would know that.”

Corbin also praised Judge Piazza, calling him “courageous.”

“We were seeing polls taken showing that a vast majority of the people in Arkansas were opposed to same-sex marriage. It wasn't one any of us were looking forward to getting,” he added.

The Arkansas Supreme Court dismissed the case in June, hours after the U.S. Supreme Court found that gay couples have a constitutional right to marry.