Out actress Cynthia Nixon this week called homeless LGBT youth the “AIDS crisis of this generation.”

The 49-year-old Nixon is best known for playing Miranda Hobbes on HBO's Sex and the City.

She plays a cancer patient in the upcoming film James White.

During an appearance on HuffPost Live to promote James White, which opens Friday, Nixon shared details about Steve, the upcoming play she is directing.

“[Steve is] also about the identity crisis of the gay rights movement,” Nixon said. “It's like, wow, we've come so far so fast after being on the outside for so long, and now what?”

“Of course, you fight for these rights and you fight for the right to assimilate if you want to, but then once the door's open it's like, wow, do I really want to go in there? Do LGBT people still retain their culture and retain their identity if we just get absorbed into the mainstream?”

Nixon also commented on the state of the LGBT community.

“I certainly think for the LGBT community, certainly trans stuff is an enormous thing right now,” Nixon said. “And I think how many LGBT kids we have living on the street and doing sex work I think that's the AIDS crisis of this generation. It's kind of a secret crisis that we've got to do much better at even acknowledging, much less doing something about it. … It's also trying to figure out who we are now, because, wow, you turn around and the world looks different than it did.”