Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Thursday came to the defense of the Utah judge who ordered a baby removed from a married lesbian couple's care.

Judge Scott Johansen ordered the baby placed with a heterosexual couple and reportedly told the couple that “kids in homosexual homes don't do as well as they do in heterosexual homes.”

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Fischer, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, told his Focal Point radio listeners that he agreed with Judge Johansen's determination.

“[N]o culture would ever want to adopt policies that are harmful, dangerous and risky to children,” Fischer said. “That means we should never countenance policies that place children in same-sex households, whether it's foster care or whether it is adoption.”

Fischer also cited a debunked study by Mark Regnerus to claim that children raised by lesbian parents are more likely to be sexually abused. Regnerus' study, which concluded that children raised by gay parents face greater negative outcomes, has been widely criticized for having only 2 subjects with parents in a same-sex relationship for their entire childhood out of 3,000.

“The risk of sexual abuse, unwanted sexual touching, is 10 times higher in a lesbian household than in a heterosexual household. So, if we care about the sexual purity, the sexual integrity of our children, which I do, then the last place we are going to want to put a child is in a lesbian household.”

“Good for this judge,” he added. “I am 100 percent standing behind him.”