Michael Angelakos, the 28-year-old frontman for Passion Pit, announced this week that he's gay.

Angelakos publicly discussed his sexual orientation for the first time during an interview on Bret Easton Ellis' podcast B.E.E.

Angelakos split from his wife of two years, Kristina Mucci, in August.

“I just wanted so badly to be straight, because I love her so much,” he said. “So, I think that was one of the most painful things about when we decided to separate.”

“She said, 'I don't want anyone to think that this is your fault, because you're gay. It's not your fault.' And she was so sweet about it.”

Angelakos, who said that he previously identified privately as bisexual, added that his estranged wife was supportive when he came out to her.

“For what it's worth, she's really one of the most incredible people,” he said.

Using Passion Pit's Twitter account, Angelakos thanked fans for their “kind and supportive messages,” adding that “everything's going to be okay.”