Author-transgender advocate Janet Mock last week married Aaron Tredwell.

The couple, who got engaged in December, exchanged vows in Mock's hometown of Oahu, Hawaii.

Mock, the author of Redefining Realness, discussed her wedding day in an op-ed for

“Though a wedding doesn't make a marriage, being able to show up and declare our commitment in front of the people we love meant everything to us,” she wrote.

“The whole day was a statement on the transformative power of being seen for who you really are and being loved not despite your past and experiences but because of it,” Mock added.

On Instagram, she shared a photo from her wedding day, which she captioned: “Last night, I married he love of my life, my partner, by best friend near the ocean, under the stars that navigated my ancestors to Hawaii, surrounded by the people we love most.”

Mock and Tredwell met in 2009.