Out British singer Sam Smith told daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres last week that he's taking a year off to “kiss more boys.”

The 23-year-old Smith also discussed writing the theme song for the 007 film Spectre, Writing's On The Wall.

“It was weirdly natural doing it,” Smith told DeGeneres. “But it's been a mad few days just being in Mexico and kind of being just chilling with Daniel Craig, which has been interesting. He's amazing. He's gorgeous.”

“And now you've decided to take a year off and do nothing?” DeGeneres asked.

“I kind of decided a few months ago I need to have a little bit of a break,” Smith answered. “Because my music is so personal and I need to live my life. I basically need to kiss some more boys, so I can write some songs.”

“I need to go and make the stories, so I can write about them,” he added. “That's my plan.”