Two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks on Thursday was recognized for his groundbreaking performance 22 years ago in the film Philadelphia.

The film was the first from a major studio to sympathetically portray HIV-positive characters.

Actor Aaron Eckhart presented Hanks with the Outfest Legacy Awards' Trailblazer Award.

“It turns out we all know someone that is gay or lesbian or transgender and there is an excellent chance that we love them exactly as they are,” Hanks said in accepting the award. “It turns out, the pandemic that was and still is AIDS made for a horrifying passing and the loss of so many has made the world a lesser place. And care for those still in need of care remains a burden we must share. And it turns out that the United States of America was not broken by the homophobia of that time nor by the attendant prejudice and ignorance or intolerance of those days.”

“We the people have continued on in the formation of a more perfect union. And yes, there are those who wish to codify inequality and they continue to promote fear and outrage, rather than recognize the strengths that are self evident in our diversity. But the truth will have its day, that our nation is wiser and stronger because we are more open and increasingly honest about what love really is,” he added to thunderous applause.