Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her decision to shift from sports to news.

The 54-year-old Roberts left ESPN to work at ABC News, and credits out tennis legend Billie Jean King with helping her with that decision.

“It was a really big deal for me to leap from sports to news and Billie Jean King helped me make that decision,” Roberts said. “She was the one who really encouraged me that this is a wonderful platform and I [can] still talk about sports. One of the best things that could’ve happened to get me where I’m sitting in this [GMA] chair was Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson. I was coming from the sports world, I was the sidekick, and they were extremely generous, loving and supportive and really helped me. It was sink or swim back then and they threw me a life preserver and I’m grateful to them.”

Roberts, who came out gay in 2013, also talked about the challenges she's faced in her path to success.

“I'm a black, gay woman. You've got to think differently and things are going to be difficult. I'm not crying about it and I'm not whining about it. I acknowledge and say to myself … find a way and I think that's what I've done all my life, I've found a way to achieve goals that I've set for myself,” she said.