Transgender model Geena Rocero partnered Caitlyn Jenner with a transgender teen on the debut of Beautiful As I Want To Be.

Rocero is the executive producer of the web series for cabler Logo.

Beautiful As I Want To Be pairs young trans people with a mentor “in the trans community who [directs] them in a photo shoot in which the young person can express their ultimate expression of authentic beauty,” according to a press release.

“When I thought of starting the show, I wanted trans youth to have that [freedom of expression],” Rocero said, a reference to her experience as a model. “Youth in general, but specifically trans youth, should be able to express who they are without being judged – instead they should be supported. So the idea of the shoot is that it is their own idea. Literally, we ask them, 'What does beautiful as I want to be mean to you? How do you want to communicate that in a photograph?'”

In the show's premiere, Jenner is paired with Zeam, a young trans man and artist.

Full episodes are available on Logo's website.