Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis suggested in an email to a supporter that the world might end before a federal court's deadline to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.

Davis became a Christian celebrity after she served a five-day jail sentence for refusing to comply with a federal judge's ruling ordering her office to issue marriage licenses to all qualified couples. While in jail, a deputy clerk began issuing licenses, altered to remove Davis' name. When she returned, Davis further altered the licenses to state that they were being issued under a federal court order.

The AP obtained Davis' emails under the Kentucky open records law.

“The battle has just begun,” Davis wrote to a supporter after the ACLU filed the federal lawsuit against her office on behalf of four couples.

In another exchange with a man named Willie Ramsey, Davis discussed the looming deadline.

“Will your lawyers and several decent people be around you to protect you from the wicked threatening homosexual mob and their supporters?” Ramsey asked.

“They are gong to try and make a whipping post out of me!!” she responded. “I know it, but God is still alive and on the throne!!! He IS in control and knows exactly where I am!!”

“September 1 will be the day to prepare for, if the Lord doesn't return before then,” Davis wrote. “I have weighed the cost, and will stay the course.”

Ramsey offered to block the courthouse door if the authorities came for her that day.