A new movie starring Chad Allen as a gay detective is set to premiere Friday, September 5th on cable channel here!

Director Ron Oliver's (Kiss Me Deadly, On the Other Hand, Death) Ice Blues: A Donald Strachey Mystery is the fourth installment of a growing gay detective franchise. Chad Allen returns as private eye Donald Strachey to solve the most complicated case of his career.

A search to find the source of an anonymous and generous donation to a youth center puts Donald and long-time partner Tim in danger. When a young man turns up dead, Donald races to capture the killer before he strikes again.

Ice Blues is the second film in the franchise for both writer Ron McGee and director Ron Oliver. The pair collaborated on the third installment of the series On the Other Hand, Death: A Donald Strachey Mystery currently playing on here! On the Other Hand, Death also starred Margot Kidder.

The Donald Strachey Mysteries has been a groundbreaking franchise for here! networks in that these films feature an openly gay protagonist who breaks stereotypes by being the hero in these gritty crime dramas. Furthermore, in what is a rarity in mainstream entertainment, Strachey is involved in a healthy, functional, loving and monogamous relationship with another man, his husband, New York State Senate staffer Tim Callahan (Sebastian Spence). The relationship is explored in fun, entertaining and thought-provoking ways,” here! said in a prepared statement.

Ice Blues: A Donald Strachey Mystery premieres on cable channel here! Friday, September 5th.