Appearing Thursday on CNN, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul clarified comments he made the day before about LGBT workplace protections.

When asked Wednesday at a campaign event whether he was okay with LGBT people being fired over their sexual orientation or gender identity, Paul, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, answered that “things you do in your house” should not be “part of the workplace.”

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton responded by tweeting a GIF of herself from Tuesday's Democratic debate in which she smiles, then says “no.” She captioned the GIF: “The feeling when a GOP candidate says it's acceptable to be fired for being gay.”

Paul denied the claim, telling CNN host Wolf Blitzer that he believes that sexual orientation is a personal matter that is not relevant to employment.

“I don't think anybody should be fired for being gay,” Paul said. “I do also, though, believe that your personal life should be personal and shouldn't affect anyone firing you. So, I don't think the decision to hire or fire you should be based on things from your personal life.”

Paul went on to state that he believes LGBT workplace protections should be decided at the state level.