A Virginia man has filed a discrimination claim against the Catholic Diocese of Richmond after he was let go from a diocese-owned assisted living home because he's married to another man.

John Murphy, 63, was hired to run the Saint Francis Home in Richmond. About a week into his job, he was informed by deputies of Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo that he was being removed because his marriage runs counter to Catholic teachings.

“I thought I found a safe place where I could do good and I won't be judged and I won't be ostracized,” Murphy told the AP. “People being discriminated against because of who they love, when it has nothing to do with their performance, is outrageous.”

The diocese only supports the home in indirect ways, such as allowing it to solicit funds from parishioners, a spokesperson said.

Murphy said that he had been open about his marriage and was told by the president of the home's board of directors that it would not be a problem. The board is appointed by Bishop DiLorenzo.

According to New Ways Ministries, more than 50 LGBT people have reported losing their jobs at Catholic institutions since 2010.

Murphy filed his claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which in July ruled that employers cannot discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.