Philadelphia police on Monday announced that they have made an arrest in connection with the murder of Kiesha Jenkins.

Jenkins, 22, was murdered early Tuesday by a group of men, making her the 20th transgender woman to be killed in the United States this year, and the 18th transgender woman of color. Police believe Jenkins, who was shot twice in the back, was a victim of a robbery gone wrong.

Police said Pedro Redding, 22, of Hunting Park confessed to participating in beating Jenkins but claims that someone else pulled the trigger, according to WPVI-TV.

“The suspect gave a full statement to detectives that himself and three of his friends attempted to rob Kiesha and, during this robbery, one of the males pulled out a gun, shooting and killing her,” Philadelphia Police Captain James Clark told reporters.

Police have said that there is no evidence to suggest that Jenkins' murder was motivated by hate.

“Our information is Pedro Redding and his associates live in the area and they know what goes on in that area. There are a lot of transgender individuals that frequent that area, so yes, they did know,” Clark said, explaining that Jenkins was a prostitute known to be a high earner.