Singer Miley Cyrus mocked Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis during her Saturday Night Live opening monologue.

Hosting the premiere episode of the 41st season, Cyrus said that she wanted to take a moment to mourn the anti-heroes of the Summer of 2015.

Cyrus told the audience that the show's return marked the end of summer.

“And with that in mind, I'd like to take a moment to say goodbye to all of those who made this summer what it was. And while we'll never think of any of these people ever, ever again, they certainly did this summer their way,” Cyrus said before singing a rendition of My Way.

As Cyrus sang, cast members playing headline grabbing personalities appeared, including Pizza Rat, “that twerp who raised the price of AIDS medication,” and Rachel Dolezal, who waved at the audience, showed a tan line and made a motion to keep it a secret.

Davis, who is fighting to prevent her county office from issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples and grabbed headlines with claims that Pope Francis had endorsed her cause, waved her hands in the air, then attempted to kiss and hug a fleeing pope.

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