Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Friday claimed that the bullies in the “Gay Gestapo” have intimidated Pope Francis into distancing himself from Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis.

Davis, who is fighting to prevent her county office from issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples, told ABC News this week that she met the pope during his recent trip to the United States. She said that he told her to “stay strong” and said that she felt validated “just knowing that the pope is on track with what we're doing.”

But on Friday, the Vatican distanced itself from Davis, saying that the meeting “should not be considered a form of support for her position” and that the pope met Davis as part of a receiving line.

Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel, the Christian law group representing the defiant clerk, has disputed the Vatican's claims, telling the AP that Davis and her husband Joe met Pope Francis in a separate room.

Fischer told his radio listeners that he believes Staver's version of events, because he is “a man of absolute, unquestioned integrity. So, when Mat Staver speaks, he is going to tell you the truth.”

“What this story illustrates is the power of the Gay Gestapo,” said Fischer, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights. “What this story illustrates is the power and the influence of the pro-sodomy lobby in international affairs. Big Gay and homosexual lobby, homosexual activists, have so much power that they can intimidate the pope himself. ... The bigots and bullies of Big Gay have intimidated the pope.”

Meanwhile, video surfaced Friday of the pope holding a private meeting with a former student, who happens to be gay.

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