Televangelist Pat Robertson claimed Thursday that the LGBT community is “taking away the rights of everybody.”

Robertson made his comments in response to a The 700 Club segment which profiled Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis and Washington florist Barronelle Stutzman, both of whom have become Christian celebrities after losing legal battles for refusing to serve gay and lesbian couples. Davis continues to fight for her right not to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, while Stutzman has been fined for refusing to provide flowers for a gay couple's 2013 wedding.

Stutzman said that she and Davis were fighting for “everybody's freedom.”

“I think it's going to get a lot worse,” she said in the segment, claiming that lawyers who defend people accused of hate crimes could lose their licenses and journalists could face censorship. “It's not just the florist or the baker, it's all citizens. It's everybody's freedom. We're fighting for not just mine, but yours.”

Robertson agreed, telling viewers that gay people want to “persecute anybody who disagrees with them.”

“We're not talking about having rights from the 'poor, oppressed gays.' We're talking about taking away the freedoms of everybody who disagrees with them,” Robertson said.

“They're taking away the rights of everybody,” he added.