Danny Pintauro, who starred in the ABC sitcom Who's the Boss?, says coming out gay ended his career.

In an upcoming OWN TV Oprah: Where Are They Now? interview, Pintauro, 39, discusses coming out in 1997 after the National Enquirer threatened to reveal his sexuality.

The former child star told Oprah Winfrey that his life changed “100%.”

“I never got a job again as an actor, partly, and that happens,” Pintauro said. “And back then you didn't have Will & Grace, you didn't have any of that and other factors were involved too. Then, three years later, when I actually started trying, everyone has forgotten about me and all they knew is these two things, which is that I'm a child celebrity, Jonathan Bower, and that I'm gay.”

In Saturday's episode – which airs at 10 PM – Pintauro also discusses the epidemic of crystal meth use within the LGBT community.