Okla. State Rep. Sally Kern is angling for media attention once again. The Republican told an audience Tuesday that “not all religions are equal” and repeated her opposition to gay marriage and homosexuality.

Kern drew national attention when she said, “I honestly think it's [homosexuality] the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam.”

“According to the word of God, that is not the right lifestyle. It has deadly consequences for those people involved in it. They have more suicides, and they are more discouraged, there's more illness, their life spans are shorter...It is not a lifestyle that is good for this nation.”

Those remarks, secretly recorded and released on YouTube, were made in March at a gathering of Republicans in Oklahoma City. A firestorm of protest from gay groups ensued, but Kern stood by her remarks in an interview given to Concerned Women for American's Matt Barber: “I was just using a metaphor, just trying to make a point so that my fellow Republican colleagues and especially the church would wake up and realize that they [gays] are a threat to the moral fiber of this nation.”

Tuesday's remarks were made at the Cleveland County Republican Club where she once again repeated her opposition to gay marriage and homosexuality. She opened by saying she was a “cultural warrior for Judeo-Christian values.”

“I am not saying everyone has to be Christian; this is not a homogeneous nation,” Kern told the audience. “What you have to be is someone who believes in a Judeo-Christian ethic, in other words, in knowing there's a right and wrong.”

“Not all lifestyles are equal; not all religions are equal,” she continued. “Was I saying all people are not equal? Heavens no; we were all created equal.”

Kern is running for a third term against Democrat Ron Marlett, 59. Marlett has said he wants to represent everyone in the district “equally with no discrimination as to race, religion, gender or sexual preference.”