Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres this week dismissed rumors that her marriage to Portia de Rossi is on the rocks.

The couple's 2008 wedding was featured on numerous magazine covers.

“It's so ridiculous to me. There's not one ounce of truth to any of it,” she said on The Howard Stern Show of tabloid stories that the couple's marriage is headed for divorce.

“I'm very happily married. In fact, the only thing we ever argue about is who loves who more. That is all. It's really true.”

“I don't know why they do this. We're kind of flattered, because for a while no one cared about us and we thought, 'Oh, lesbians aren't worthy of tabloid stories.' So, now we're kind of flattered that they care about us,” she added.

DeGeneres dismissed similar stories in 2014.

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