Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum last week compared Kentucky clerk Kim Davis to civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.

During a radio appearance on New York's AM970 The Answer, Santorum, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, said that he was proud of Davis, the elected clerk of Rowan County who served five days in jail for refusing to comply with a judge's ruling ordering her to issue marriage licenses to all qualified couples.

Davis, Santorum said, was following the “long precedent” of people who ignored laws they found to be unjust.

“This is one of the reasons, as soon as the Supreme Court decision came down, the first thing I said is we have to begin, because this assault on people of faith is gonna happen,” Santorum said. “And we have to protect people from the idea that you can't have an accommodation for people who have very strong religious beliefs that are antithetical to the 'new law' of the country.”

“You know Martin Luther King went to jail because he didn't follow the law. There's a long precedent in America from people saying, 'You know, the law has to change to accommodate what is the right thing to do, in their own moral judgment.'”

“I can tell you I'm very proud of the fact that she stood up for those convictions and she should stood up for what I believe and I think most people who are commenting on this who agree with my position – is an abuse by the Supreme Court of their power,” he added.