Christopher Ciccone, Madonna's openly gay brother, has come out in support of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis.

Davis served five days in jail for refusing to comply with a federal judge's ruling ordering her to issue marriage licenses to all qualified couples. Davis has said that issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples was a “heaven or hell” decision for her.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ciccone lent Davis his support over the weekend in a Facebook post.

Davis, Ciccone wrote, deserves as much support as a Muslim woman “who insisted on covering her face and refused not only gay marriage licenses, but divorce, accusations of rape and driving a car without your man's approval.”

“Once again, the gay community feels the need to be sore winners,” he added.

“Is it so difficult to allow this women [sic] her religion? Or must we destroy her in order for her to betray her faith. No matter how we judge, it's truth. The rights we have all fought for, mean nothing, if we deny her hers.”