An Oregon judge is being investigated amid allegations he refused to marry gay and lesbian couples on religious grounds.

According to the AP, Marion County Judge Vance Day is facing an investigation by the Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability.

A federal judge struck down Oregon's gay marriage ban in May of last year.

Patrick Korten, a spokesman for Day, said that at first Day instructed his staff to refer gay couples looking to marry to other judges, then last fall, he stopped marrying couples altogether.

“He made a decision nearly a year ago to stop doing weddings altogether, and the principal factor that he weighed was the pressure that one would face to perform a same-sex wedding, which he had a conflict with his religious beliefs,” Korten told the AP.

Several allegations have been leveled against Day, a Republican, but his refusal to marry gay couples is “the weightiest,” Korten said.

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission recently approved Day's request to create a fund to pay for his legal defense.