CBS on Wednesday announced the cast of the 27th season of The Amazing Race.

The reality series sends 11 teams of two on a race around the world.

In a clip introducing the teams, Denise Earl said that she regretted telling her son James that he was “going to hell” when he announced to her that he's gay.

“He called up the phone and said, 'Mother, I'm gay,'” Denise said in the clip. “And yes the first thing I said – and I wish I could take it back – was you're going to hell.”

“She's gotten a lot better. She's come around a lot. I came out about four years ago and since then she actually will ask me about, like, relationships and boys,” James said, adding that his mother had met an ex-boyfriend.

Denise called James her “greatest achievement.”

The Amazing Race premieres Friday, September 25 on CBS.