The Foundation for Moral Law is among the Christian conservative groups rallying in support of Kim Davis, the elected county clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky who is defying a court order to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.

Davis on Tuesday turned away at least four gay couples despite having exhausted all possible legal options.

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The Foundation for Moral Law, which was founded by Roy Moore, currently the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, on Tuesday issued a press release in which Foundation President Kayla Moore praised Davis.

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“[Davis is] a woman of exemplary courage who is willing to risk her career to stand for what is right,” Moore said. “I hope and pray that millions will be inspired to follow her example.”

Bryan Fischer, host of AFA's Focal Point radio program, called Davis “a hero” in a tweet to followers.

“Kim Davis is an American hero,” Fischer messaged to his 8,353 followers. “Standing on timeless truth against politically correct tyranny.”

“I support Kim Davis like I would support a clerk who wouldn't sign a form allowing a box car into Auschwitz, 'law' or not,” he added in a separate tweet.

In a blog post, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which works to undermine marriage equality, said that Davis “is why we must fight.”

“Why must gay activists use their power to try to punish, repress, and attack those who can never accept to a false definition of marriage?” NOM President Brian Brown rhetorically asked.

“Well, NOM will never bow to a lie, nor will we salute what is evil,” he added before asking for a contribution.