Out actor Zachary Quinto said this week that coming out gay has not hurt his career.

Quinto, who is promoting his latest film, Hitman: Agent 47, quietly came out in a 2011 interview with New York Magazine. He later revealed that he was inspired to come out by Jamey Rodemeyer, the 14-year-old Buffalo, New York-area student who committed suicide after being targeted by bullies over identifying as gay.

“I work more now than I ever did when I was in the closet, and I'm doing a wider range and variety of roles than I ever did before I came out,” Quinto told The Telegraph.

“I feel like that's what I need to keep demanding of myself and what I need to keep demanding of the industry.”

Quinto, who is best known for playing a young Spock in the 2009 Star Trek reboot and its sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness, said that early on in his career he could not identify any role models.

For me, personally, it's interesting, because I looked around when I got Star Trek, and I said to myself, 'Who could I look to for guidance for how to navigate this path that I'm on?' And there wasn't anybody,” he explained.

“I look around and say, 'OK, yes, there's a lot of gay actors that are open, many more now than there were 10 years ago,' but I still feel like I'm occupying kind of a unique space,” he added.

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