Julia Gillard, Australia's former prime minister, now says that she supports allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.

The former Labor leader strongly resisted the change during her time in office. In 2012, she voted against a private member's bill.

Speaking Wednesday night at Victoria University to honor Judge Michael Kirby, Gillard reversed herself.

“I am aware that this vote by me was viewed as odd by many given what they know of my broader values,” she said, a reference to her government's support for LGBT rights.

“The nature of Australia's contemporary debate on same-sex marriage has caused me to re-examine some fundamental assumptions I have held.”

“In my time post-politics, as key countries have moved to embrace same-sex marriage, I have identified that my preferred reform direction was most assuredly not winning hearts and minds.”

She added that she would vote for a marriage equality bill today.

“I would certainly cast my ballot in favor of same-sex marriage,” she said.

Gillard also criticized Tony Abbott's plan to put the issue up to a popular vote next year, saying that it suggested that politicians are not capable of leading reforms.