Casey County Clerk Casey Davis said Monday that he may die fighting the Supreme Court's ruling striking down gay marriage bans in all 50 states.

Davis is among a handful of Kentucky clerks defying the high court's ruling handed down in June.

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During an appearance Monday on Huntington, West Virginia's The Tom Roten Morning Show, an emotional Davis said that his stand was worth dying for.

“Our law says ‘one man and one woman’ and that is what I held my hand up and took an oath to and that is what I expected,” he said. “If it takes it, I will go to jail over – if it takes my life, I will die for because I believe I owe that to the people that fought so I can have the freedom that I have. I owe that to them today, and you do, we all do. They fought and died so we could have this freedom and I'm going to fight and die for my kids and your kids can keep it.”

Elsewhere on the program, Davis said that as a Christian he's obligated to tell gay men and lesbians that they must repent and get washed in “the blood of Jesus Christ.”

“When you stand for what's right and when you tell someone of the danger that they are in, and I think that when a person lives a lifestyle of sin, whether it is homosexuality or drunkenness or drug addiction or adultery or thievery or any kind of sin that you continue in or live in, you are endangering yourself of spending eternity in Hell,” Davis said. “So in my view of what the Bible says, when you're truly loving someone, you stand and you lovingly tell them, ‘This is not the way to Heaven, this is not the way of right.'”