The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) on Monday filed a report identifying the sources of the $2 million it gave to the 2009 people's veto campaign that repealed a gay marriage law approved by Maine lawmakers.

The campaign was run by the Maine-based political action committee Stand for Marriage Maine.

Seven donors gave the money to NOM, according to its filing.

NOM has argued for years that it donated the money to the committee from a general fund and as such was not obligated to release the names.

The Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices disagreed, imposing last year a record $50,250 fine against NOM for violating the state's donor disclosure laws.

Three weeks ago, the Maine Supreme Court refused NOM's request to block the board's ruling ordering NOM to comply with the law.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the list includes one person from Maine: Richard Kurtz of Cape Elizabeth. He gave $50,000 to NOM.

But NOM's largest donor in 2009 was Sean Fieler, who gave $1.25 million to NOM. Fieler is a hedge fund manager who runs Equinox Partners and the Kuroto Fund.

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Other donors include John Templeton of Pennsylvania, who gave $300,000, Terrence Caster of San Diego ($300,000), and the Knights of Columbus ($140,000), all of whom also gave money to NOM in 2008 to support passage of Proposition 8, the California ballot initiative that rolled back a California Supreme Court ruling which said that gay and lesbian couples have the right to marry in the state. The amendment was struck down in 2013.