Openly gay actor Zachary Quinto says that the fight for LGBT equality is larger than just one legal issue.

Quinto, who is promoting his latest film, Hitman: Agent 47, made his remarks in an interview with Michigan LGBT weekly PrideSource.

When asked if typecasting based on an actor's sexuality exists post marriage equality, Quinto answered that he didn't think one issue had anything to do with the other.

“I don't know. I mean, I don't think it has anything to do with marriage equality – that victory has been won and has been a really profound advancement to the LGBT community,” Quinto said. “I think our real fights for equality aren't legal; it's about humanity and compassion and inclusion.”

“Even in the wake of marriage equality you're seeing all these county clerks who are refusing to issue marriage licenses, which is despicable and illegal. Just a few blocks from my house, these two guys – the first gay couple to be married out of West Point – were harassed in the bodega (in SoHo). It's not behind us. The movement toward equality is bigger than just one legal issue, and that's amazing that the highest law of the land has supported our struggle for civil rights, but civil rights is only one aspect of being a minority of any kind. It's much more about human connection and respect in the long run and in a very broader sense, and I think that's the fight that continues,” he added.