Attorneys for a gay couple who sued Hood, Texas County Clerk Katie Lang over her refusal to issue them a marriage license have announced that a settlement has been reached.

After the Supreme Court struck down gay marriage bans in all 50 states, Lang repeatedly refused to issue a marriage license to Jim Cato and Joe Stapleton, who have been together 27 years.

In a written statement issued at the time, Lang said that her religious faith compels her “to personally refrain from issuing same-sex marriage licenses” but that other staffers would issue marriage licenses to gay couples in accordance with the Supreme Court's decision.

Lang's office, however, claimed that it did not have the appropriate forms to issue such licenses.

The men received a license the day they filed their lawsuit.

Attorneys for the couple said that the lawsuit had been settled for $44,000, what the couple had spent on attorneys fees, the AP reported.