Christian conservative Linda Harvey claimed this week that an LGBT protections bill is a “fascist attempt to dismantle the First Amendment.”

Introduced by Democrats last month, the Equality Act seeks to prohibit anti-LGBT discrimination in seven key areas, including credit, education, employment, federal funding, housing, jury service and public accommodations, by effectively expanding the Civil Rights Act, originally approved in 1964.

The proposed legislation has the backing of Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton, Martin O'Malley and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and a growing roster of American companies, including Intel, Symantec, IBM, Orbitz, American Airlines, Amazon, General Electric, HP, Microsoft, General Mills, Google, Facebook, Nike, Apple, The Dow Chemical Company and Levi Strauss, & Co.

In a op-ed this week, Harvey, president of the Columbus-based Mission America, warned that the bill threatens to “silence believers” and “essentially wipe out free speech and religious liberty on the issues of homosexuality and gender change.”

“The 'gay lobby' has tried it before,” Harvey wrote. “But now that marriage is officially a grand social experiment in our nation, homosexual activists have moved on, updating and re-launching the next weapon of revolution. And it's a whopper, one that potentially unites homosexual advocates with defenders of Planned Parenthood.”

“Christianity is now a target to be obliterated or revised,” she wrote. “Everyone needs to make it clear to congressional representatives that this fascist attempt to dismantle the First Amendment, to defy parental authority and to drive Christians out of jobs simply cannot happen.”

“The so-called 'Equality Act' is not about equality – we already have that. It's about calling evil good, calling sin a right, and about punishing and silencing the voices of morality and faith,” she added.