Comedian Jack Black has responded to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's refusal to allow Coalition MPs a free vote on a proposed bill that seeks to end the island nation's marriage exclusion for gay and lesbian couples.

On Tuesday, Abbott's ruling conservative coalition effectively killed the bill when it decided to bind its lawmakers to its stance against marriage equality.

Abbott promised a public vote on the issue if his government is re-elected next year. Currently, the opposition Labor Party is leading in opinion polls.

Speaking on the Australian morning radio program The Dan & Maz Show, Black criticized Abbott.

“I personally think [Abbott] is living in the stone ages if he's not seeing the writing on the wall,” Black said.

“The movement of the world is heading towards equality for all people, all sexual preferences.”

“We're all the same in the end. Who cares what gives you a boner? Really,” he added.

The 45-year-old Black currently stars in HBO's The Brink.