The first gay couple to be issued a marriage license in Florida has filed a lawsuit seeking to list both parents on birth certificates.

Cathy Pareto and Karla Arguello of Miami were the first same-sex couple to be issued a marriage license after a federal judge struck down Florida's ban on gay marriage.

The women joined two other married gay couples on Thursday in suing Florida over the Bureau of Vital Statistics' policy prohibiting hospitals from listing both parents on birth certificates.

Pareto and Arguello had twins on August 6.

“Karla and I made the decision to expand our family together,” Pareto told the AP. “We went through the whole fertility process together. The whole thing has been a unified front as a married couple. To then be told I couldn't be on my own children's birth certificate? It was degrading.”

“The state's refusal to recognize that [my children] have two parents and to list both of us on the birth certificate is demeaning and hurtful,” said Arguello. “My children have two parents, and we should both be listed on their birth certificates.”

The other couples involved in the lawsuit are Debbie and Kari Chin of St. Petersburg and Yadira Arenas and Alma Vezquez of Winter Haven.

Arenas and Vezquez married in New York in 2013. When Vezquez gave birth to the couple's first child in March, they were not allowed to list Arenas on the birth certificate as a parent, and Vequez was told that she had to be listed as “single” on the form.

Plaintiffs are being represented by the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) and Florida attorneys Mary Meeks and Elizabeth Schwartz.

Without being listed on a child's birth certificate, parents cannot sign up for daycare, enroll in government programs and make medical decisions, said NCLR.