Appearing Tuesday on CBS' The Talk, Laverne Cox praised Caitlyn Jenner's transgender advocacy.

Cox, who is best known for playing Sophia Burset, a transgender woman, on the Netflix comedy Orange is the New Black, is currently promoting her new film, Grandma, which stars Lily Tomlin.

“When I think about Caitlyn's story, it's so very different from mine,” Cox said. “I mean, I transitioned in my twenties, working class, black, you know, struggling. She's transitioning in a very different time in her life. And the visibility that she has; she can reach so many more people and I think that's really amazing and impactful.”

“I think what is so beautiful is that she's using her privilege to elevate the stories of trans-folks that don't have the privilege that she does, and I think that is really beautiful.”

Cox added that growing up she internalized “a lot of shame about who [she] was” because her family refused to accept her gender identity. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)