A supermarket in Britain has apologized to a gay couple who claim they were verbally abused by an employee.

According to the Evening Standard, Steve Luetchford, 28, and Mattia Pievani, 25, were abused by a Tesco cashier in Acre Lane, Brixton on Thursday.

“My partner held my hand and gave me a kiss and then suddenly we heard this lady shouting, saying we could not do that here, that we should be ashamed of ourselves and we should get out,” Luetchford told the Standard. “She was quite rude and dismissive to us. We told her she had no right to talk to us like that, and she responded ‘you people have no right.'”

In an interview with ITV, Luetchford said that the worker told them they “should not be doing that in front of children.”

“Basically, [she] told us we should be disgusted with ourselves. We should not do anything like that,” he said, adding that the show of affection was a “small peck on the cheek.”

A Tesco spokeswoman apologized to the couple after they complained.

But Luetchford said that he was hoping for more.

“I'm not expecting to ruin anyone's lives or anything like that,” he said. “But at the same time, I don't want someone to get a slap on the wrist and think it's okay to do that to another person.”