A gay marriage bill is expected to be introduced in the Australian Parliament on Tuesday.

As legislators returned to Canberra, the capital of Australia, the front of the city's airport was lit up with rainbow lights and a giant #WeCanDoThis sign.

The issue has a “personal significance” for the Snow family, which owns the Canberra airport, said Stephen Byron, managing director of the airport.

“My brother, Tom Snow, and his husband were married last year in New Zealand with their children and our extended family as witnesses,” he said. “It struck me at this time how ridiculous it is that my relationship, and my wife and children, are afforded the protection and support of our government, yet Tom and his family are forced to travel overseas to get married.”

“We hope that the rainbow image across the gateway to Australia's national capital will have similar impact to lighting up the White House after the historic US Supreme Court ruling determining marriage equality in the US in June this year.”

“Our family has always believed that everyone should be treated equally and given a fair go,” he added.

Lobbying efforts also include a series of television ads featuring Australians from all walks of life calling on lawmakers to approve marriage equality.

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