Christian conservative Bryan Fischer has criticized Ohio Governor John Kasich for attending the wedding of a gay friend.

Kasich talked about the wedding from Thursday's GOP presidential debate stage.

“I just went to a wedding of a friend of mine who happens to be gay. Because somebody doesn't think the way I do doesn't mean that I can't care about them or I can't love them,” Kasich said in the course of responding to a question about how he would explain his opposition to marriage equality to a son or daughter if she or he were gay. He went on to say that he would love his daughter if she were gay. His answer drew applause from the audience.

“Really, the issue comes down to what do you think of this kind of behavior,” Fischer told his radio audience on Friday. “Is this good behavior? Is this healthy behavior? Is this moral behavior? Is this the kind of behavior that we ought to celebrate, that we ought to promote?”

“If you have somebody you love and they were dealing crack and they were opening up a new crack house and they were having a grand opening celebration and they invited you to come and be a part of the grand opening celebration of this crack house, would you go?” he rhetorically asked. “Of course not!”