IBM, Orbitz and Symantec have joined the growing list of companies backing a bill that seeks to ban anti-LGBT discrimination in all areas of civil rights.

If approved, the bill, titled the Equality Act, would prohibit anti-LGBT discrimination in seven key areas, including credit, education, employment, federal funding, housing, jury service and public accommodations, by effectively expanding the Civil Rights Act, originally approved in 1964.

“IBM's workplace culture is built on the principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for all,” IBM said in a written statement. “IBM is proud to support the Equality Act and maintains our steadfast support for all employees to experience equality in the workplace.”

Orbitz said that supporting the Equality Act was inline with other actions, “such as signing the amicus brief calling on the Supreme Court to find gay marriage bans unconstitutional.”

“At Symantec, we are proud to support full and equal rights for the LGBT community,” Symantec said. “We unequivocally support the Equality Act – for the future of our business and society.”

Symantec, IBM and Orbitz join Microsoft, American Airlines, General Mills, Google, Facebook, Nike, Apple, The Dow Chemical Company and Levi Strauss, & Co. in supporting the bill.