Social conservative Scott Lively on Friday claimed that gay rights deny Christians their First Amendment rights.

Lively, founder of the Massachusetts-based Defend the Family International and a failed gubernatorial candidate, made his remarks during an interview with The Dove TV.

He explained that God was punishing America with abortion rights and LGBT equality because it has accepted “religious pluralism.”

“Well, I don’t actually believe in ‘religious freedom,’ the way that the term is used,” Lively explained. “I know that when you use it and when most people use it, you’re talking about Christianity. We’re not talking about freedom for Islam and freedom for Buddhism and Hinduism as if they're equal with God.”

“The number-one Commandment is ‘You shall have no other gods before me.’ And when we forget that and we start accepting this concept of religious pluralism and we say that Jesus Christ is really no higher an authority in America than Buddha or Mohammed or even Satan, that's when we have really dropped the ball and we have brought disfavor from God on us.”

Losing “God's favor” has led to legal abortion and increasing support for LGBT rights, Lively claimed.

“If even one man, just one man, had the favor of God, with the flimsiest of plans, he could have stopped that, he could have stopped the gay agenda in very short order,” he said.

Lively added that “we really are now under occupation … by cultural Marxists,” which he compared to the Nazi occupation of France.