Jamaica is holding its first-ever Gay Pride celebration.

A week's worth of events include a flash mob, an art exhibit and performances featuring LGBT Jamaicans, and a dance party.

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Anti-gay rhetoric remains high in the Caribbean country. Due to security concerns, a parade – a staple of Gay Prides around the globe – is not scheduled.

But activists say attitudes are shifting.

“I think we will look back on this and see it as a turning point because many persons thought that it would never actually happen,” Latoya Nugent of the LGBT rights group J-FLAG told the AP.

Kingston Mayor Angela Brown-Burke spoke at the opening event.

“They are individuals who are minorities who have been struggling in terms of their identity and finding their own space,” Brown-Burke told the Washington Blade. “It is important for us to provide safe spaces for them.”

Nas Chin, who took part in the celebration, told the AP that “there is a certain change going on” in Jamaica.

“Yes, there's still ridicule on the streets and some people look at you and laugh, but it's not as violent as it was and we will insist on living our lives,” Chin said.