A lesbian couple married Saturday in Puebla, Mexico, marking the first time the state has recognized the marriage of a same-sex couple.

Fabiola Lucero Mendez and Guadalupe Gomez Tetetla exchanged vows in a suburb of Puebla, the capital and largest city of the state of Puebla.

“It is an achievement for us and for the whole community, our union will help to recognize the rights of gay couples,” the women are quoted as saying by Angulo7.com.

The couple, together since 2009, considered marrying in Mexico City after they were denied a marriage license last year. Instead, they decided to fight for the right to marry in their home state.

In June, the nation's highest court effectively legalized such unions throughout Mexico. While the ruling set a national precedent, it only applied to the plaintiffs. Gay couples can marry in only a handful of Mexican states plus Mexico City.

Judge Belinda Pastor Garcia united the women.

“[T]his union opens the door for more gay couples,” she said. “You need to understand that it is a right that must be respected.”