During a radio interview last week in Australia, Adam Lambert was pressed to consider dating singer Ricky Martin.

The interview took place before Lambert appeared on The Voice Australia, where he performed his latest single, Ghost Town.

“I actually went over there the other day to meet the contestants,” Lambert told KISS FM's Jackie O. “They seemed really sweet.”

“And how did you get on with the judges?” Jackie O asked.

“They seemed great. You know, I chatted with Ricky a bit. He's such a nice guy.”

Jackie O then noted that Lambert and Martin are both single.

“You're not allowed to do that,” Lambert responded. “That's so silly. Like, 'Oh, a gay guy and another gay guy; you must date.' It's like, come on.”

Jackie O insisted the pairing would work because both men are in the music industry.

“You're both hot. … It would work,” she said.

“Well, that's very sweet,” Lambert said.