Omar Sharif Jr., the openly gay grandson of the late actor Omar Sharif, recently discussed being out on Egyptian television.

Sharif left Egypt in January 2011 and came out gay the following year. He currently lives in the United States.

Appearing on the Arabic new program Shabab Talk, he told host Jaafar Abdul Karim that he never spoke to his grandfather about his sexuality but felt that he was accepted.

“I think the best thing that I could do in life is to live openly and authentically and happily,” Sharif said. “And if I'm doing that, I know I'm making them happy, because that's all they would want for me. They would want me to be happy. That's what grandparents should want for their grandchildren.”

“I'm a son. I'm a brother. I'm a coworker. I'm a friend,” the 32-year-old actor continued. “I'm not a fact, or a figure, or a statistic. I'm not a moral or an ethical debate.”

While gay sex is not illegal in Egypt, the LGBT community in Egypt faces widespread persecution.

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