Director Dan Hunt's documentary on the gay bear community is set to have its premiere today on cable channel Logo.

Bear Run exposes the fabled urban polar bear, cub, otter, and wolf. All playful nicknames given to describe various body types found in the bear community.

“A bear run is a gathering of bears,” Hunt tells Joe Solmonese and Mary Breslauer on XM Radio's The Agenda.

And by following three bears as they attend various bear runs, Bear Run gives the viewer an intriguing look into the community.

Mikhael, a former trucker, is a transgendered bear who is married to a woman. We get to know him and his wife, Sylvia, in the movie.

“[Mikhael and Sylvia] are by far the most compelling, most amazing people I've ever met,” Hunt says. “I just had to tell their story.”

Louie is a young guy living in the urban jungle, he considers himself a cub. And Mike is a black bear in a relationship with John.

The film follows the men over a two year span as they attend various bear runs – including Bear Albany, International Bear Rendezvous, and Lazy Bear Weekend.

Hunt says he was drawn to the bear community for their inclusive values of “celebrating your body the way it is, and the notion of brotherhood.” He describes the community – best known for bear hugs – as “fun and playful.”

Bear Run premieres on cable channel Logo Saturday, August 2 at 8PM.

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