Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve has apologized for temporarily replacing the American flag with the rainbow flag at City Hall.

The city ordered the LGBT Pride flag to be displayed Sunday in support of a Pride event being held in downtown Reno. The American flag was lowered and replaced temporarily with the LGBT flag.

The decision created controversy among some locals.

City officials said in a statement that they were under the impression that both flags would be flown together and apologized for the misunderstanding, according to Reno's KTVN.

“I can most certainly see why people would be offended or upset,” said Schieve in a statement. “I did not order that the American flag be taken down. I have asked that the flag be put back immediately!”

“It was certainly not the city's intention to be disrespectful and never should have happened. I will take full responsibility since I represent this city.”

“I too am offended and there is no excuse for this. Those who have served deserve the highest respect for their service. My sincere apologies!!!” she added.