Christian conservative Theodore Shoebat last week condemned a proposal to allow openly gay adults in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

The BSA is expected to hold a vote on the proposed policy change on Monday.

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If the new policy is approved, local scout units will be allowed to decide the issue for themselves.

In a column posted Friday on his website, Shoebat wrote that the change is part of an effort to “transform the Scouts into a Nazi-like gay youth club” that will be used to attack Christians. The only solution to the “homosexual agenda,” he added, “is death.”

“I believe that the reason why the homosexuals want to enter the Boy Scouts is because they want to recruit young boys, and transform the Scouts into a Nazi-like gay youth club; young brainwashed children who can be used as soldiers against Christianity,” Shoebat wrote.

“This is why I say that there is only one solution to the homosexual agenda, and that is death.”

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