Beginning on Thursday, Scouts for Equality began counting down the days until the Boy Scouts of America's (BSA) board weighs in on a resolution that seeks to end its ban on openly gay adult leaders and volunteers.

“COUNTDOWN TO #BSA VOTE – Jen may be able to rejoin #Scouting on Mon 7/27 after being removed 3 yrs ago,” Scouts for Equality tweeted on Saturday along with a photo of Jeniffer Tyrrell, the Ohio volunteer who was removed from her son's troop because she's gay.

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On July 13, the 17-member executive committee of the BSA unanimously approved the change.

Approval by the 80-member National Executive Board is needed before the blanket ban is officially ended.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT rights advocate, has criticized the resolution as a “half measure.”

The change in policy would still allow troops run by churches to “choose adult leaders whose beliefs are consistent with their own,” according to an internal memo.

“There are differences of opinion, and we need to be respectful of them,” Michael Harrison, a leader from California, told The New York Times. “It doesn't mean the Mormons have to pick a gay scoutmaster, but please don't tell the Unitarians they can't.”