John Russel Houser, who is believed to have killed two people and injured nine inside a Louisiana movie theater on Thursday before killing himself, once praised the work of the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church, which is based in Topeka, Kansas.

Westboro is best known for coining the phrase “God hates fags” and protesting the funerals of fallen soldiers.

Houser, a 59-year-old registered member of the Tea Party Nation website, left dozens of messages across the Internet.

In several instances, he wrote about “the power of the lone wolf.”

“Do not mistake yourselves for one minute, the enemy sees all posted on this website,” he wrote last year on a forum dedicated to the New York chapter of Golden Dawn, Greece's neo-Nazi political party. “I do not want to discourage the last hope for the best, but you must realize the power of the lone wolf, is the power that come forth in ALL situations. Look within yourselves.”

In several posts, he praised Adolf Hitler. “Hitler is loved for the results of his pragmatism,” he wrote last year.

In other messages, he railed against gay rights and praised the Westboro Baptist Church.

“The Westboro Baptist Church may be the last real church in America [members not brainwashed],” he wrote two years ago.

“All sexual deviants are equal, that is true. Put them on a cold island or put decent people on a cold island. Either way, that will end the problem. Decent people can retake the entire world, as Hitler proved,” Houser wrote in January.

Houser also predicted the “death” of the United States, describing it as “no more than a financially failing filth farm.”